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The EU provides accreditation for the launch of the IPARD II Program in Agriculture and Rural Development


The IPARD II program aims to support farmers, agricultural entrepreneurs, including UFA, natural and legal persons, micro-enterprises and small private non-agricultural entrepreneurs who make investments in the production and processing of dairy and meat sectors, fruit-vegetables, plant protection and vineyards.

Farm investment, with a minimum of 10,000 EURO and a maximum of 500,000 EURO.


Investment for the processing and marketing of agricultural and livestock products, with a minimum of 25,000 EURO and a maximum of 2,000,000 EURO.

Investment in the diversification of the economy in the village, with a minimum of 10,000 EURO, maximum 400,000 EURO.

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Agro point or “Farmer’s Window” is a direct service delivery unit, subordinated to the Agriculture and Rural Development Agency, which provides farmers with services, information for applications, access to finance, extension support, and other services.

The first 5 Agro points were operational on January 2018 respectively in Fier, Lushnje,Durres, Vlore and Korçë, and 15 other Agro Points are opened, reaching 20 territorial branches throughout the country. “Farmer’s Window” provides all farmers and interested parties with information about applications for national support schemes and donors, access to finance, extension support, etc.

A success story: Agro Liço - IPARD Like Grant