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Notification on Commision Implementing Decision (english / shqip)

Notification on Amendining the Guidline for Applicants regarding Renewable Energy (english / shqip)

Forecast Notice 4th Call for Application IPARD-II 2022 (english / shqip)

Sectoral Agreement (Amended) (english / shqip)

Publication Calendar – Fourth Call IPARD-II (english / shqip)


Annex 1.1 Application Form Measure 7 (english / shqip)

Annex 2.1 Business Plan. Part 1 Narrative Part Word Format (english / shqip)

Annex 2.2 Business Plan. Part 2 Financial Tables (english / shqip)

Annex 2.3 Instructions for the Preparation of the Business Plan (english / shqip)

Annex 3.1 Technical Project Proposal. Part 1 Narrative Part Word Format (english / shqip)

Annex 3.2 Technical Project Proposal. Part 2 Financial Tables Excel format (english / shqip)

Annex 3.3 Instructions for the Preparation of the Technical Project Proposal (english / shqip)

Annex 4.3 Claim for Payment for Measure 7 (english / shqip)

Annex 4.4 Claim for Payment Interim Payment (englishshqip )

Annex 5 Grounds for Exclusion (english / shqip)

Annex 6LEE (english / shqip)

Annex 7 List of Local Government Units and List of Rural Areas (english / shqip)

Annex 8 List of Eligible Countries of Origin (english / shqip)

Annex 9 Agriculture products according to Annex 1 of the EC treaty (english / shqip)

Annex 10 Contract Grant template (english / shqip)

Anexx 10 Grant Contract  Interim Payment (english / shqip)

Annex 11 Environmental Declaration (english / shqip)

Annex 11 Food National Authority Declaration (english / shqip)

Annex 11 State Inspectorate of Labour and Social Services Declaration (english / shqip)

Annex 11 National Institute of Cultural Monuments NICM-IPARD Preliminary-Certification (english / shqip)

Frequently Asked Questions (english / shqip)



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